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Patellofemoral pain syndrome usually happens in people who do sports that involve a lot of knee bending and straightening, such as running, biking, and skiing. It also can happen to people, particularly young women, who do not do a lot of sports.

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Teenagers in Arkansas do not have significantly more sex than teens elsewhere, according to a 2019 risk behavior survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but they are far less likely to use birth control. Sex education is not required in Arkansas schools and, by law, any school-based curriculum must stress abstinence.

For Maryanna, abortion did not really seem an option even before the Dobbs decision. Like many adolescent girls in Arkansas, her extended family is filled with moms who gave birth as teens and whose children grew up to do the same. It's the life she knows, and, at least at first, the notion of having a baby seemed a respite from the chaos of her family life.

Traditionally, teen motherhood is viewed as a symptom of poverty, invoking puzzled head-shaking by wizened adults and calls from many conservative lawmakers for young, unmarried people to stop having sex. But it is also a dangerous undertaking for a teen mother and baby.

Infant mortality rates in Arkansas are highest for babies born to women younger than 20, and the large number of teen births fuels the state's third-highest infant mortality rate in the country. Arkansas women have the highest rate of pregnancy-related deaths in the U.S., according to data from the CDC, about double the national average.

For young women who continue their pregnancies, the emotional and physical challenges can be daunting. The age at which girls in the U.S. begin menstruating has dropped in recent decades, in part due to widespread obesity, but the physiological changes necessary to birth and feed a newborn require additional years of development.

It was a surprise, then, when Gwen, pregnant with her second child at 21, felt piercing pain in her pelvis last spring. Her doctor advised standard pregnancy fare: a pillow between her legs, light stretching. By eight months, Gwen's petite legs were swollen, stretching tight her ankle bracelets. The doctor blamed too much salt. In July, she was willing herself to enjoy her baby shower when pain ricocheted inside her body. She could barely breathe on the drive to the hospital.

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In Indiana, teens can’t pierce their navels (or anything but their ears) without a note from Mom and Dad. Tennessee wants Mom to sign off on body piercing in person. Louisiana law now requires teenagers to "sir" and "ma'am" their teachers. One law in Texas would get the execution age down to 11.

But far from the headlines there is a very different story. We have spent the past year visiting high schools across the country to see how they cope with teen troubles. We didn’t see any wolves. We saw creative people stretching tight budgets to meet their teenagers’ needs.

A task force on youth violence in the Louisiana legislature was electrified by testimony from a high school student. He described how his plan to shoot an abusive stepfather was diverted by mental health counselors in a school-based anger management class. "This spring," he summed up softly, "I’m graduating high school instead of doing time." Any adult in the packed hearing room who had ever experienced an abusive relationship or an angry divorce could understand the young man’s anguish. And the quiet victory he shared with the community.

The kinds of problems that the teens face — illegal drugs, alcohol, reproductive health, violence, suicide, psychological trouble — are just the thing to land them in hot water at home. Worse, they are the issues that raise the loudest voices in the American culture wars. Teen sex? Cultural conservatives prescribe the Ten Commandments. Liberals change the subject to gun control. Well, we are firm believers in both gun control and the Ten Commandments. But in the real world of teenagers, communities and schools, it takes lot more. Yes, it is high time to have a national discussion about teenagers in our society. But let’s put aside the high-flying symbolic policies. While we’re at it, let’s make a break with that whole Puritan attitude. A grudging approach that only frisks the kids for guns has never gotten us very far. Besides, we already have almost two million people locked up and that’s plenty.

A more imaginative dialogue begins with a straight look at the needs our young people face. They are not hard to figure out. Just tune out the microphone hogs with their "paddling" and "spanking." Instead, listen to the many people coming up with creative ways to stretch a few resources across a lot of kids. As it turns out, their message is not so scary. Forget wolves — what’s really out there are young people with needs.

Besides the biological clock Mariappuram and others are running against, there is also the matter of the time it takes to go through the court procedures young people seeking a judicial bypass need to clear.

According to a new survey by Junior Achievement USA, a third of teens (33%) say that their parents or guardians are concerned about the cost of back-to-school supplies this year. A higher percentage of teens (37%) express concern they will not be able to get every item they need for back-to-school, and nearly as many (34%) say they have depended on teachers, community donations, and other sources to get supplies in past school years. The survey of 1,004 U.S. teens between the ages of 13 and 17 was conducted from July 5 through 10 by Big Village.

(CNN) -- Suicide rates among young people have continued to soar in recent years -- so much so that the rate among 15- to 24-year-olds climbed in 2017 to its highest point since 2000, new research has found.

While the research highlights a dramatic surge in suicide rates among young people, "this is unfortunately not a surprise," said Nadine Kaslow, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Emory University School of Medicine and chief psychologist at the Grady Health System in Atlanta, who was not involved in the new paper.

Other studies have found increases in suicide rates, especially among adolescents and young adults, but the new research "adds a couple of points; one is noting this particular increase in young males and also in this younger age group of 15 to 19," Kaslow said.

"There have been a number of things that people have talked about lately. One is just sort of increasing rates of psychological pain or psychological distress in young people -- more anxiety and more depression -- and I think that's for a number of reasons," Kaslow said.

Some reasons, Kaslow said, could be that family and community structures may not be as tight-knit as in the past, leading to increased risk, or that the increased use of technology has led to young people spending less time on cultivating rich, in-person relationships and more time being exposed to possible cyberbullying.

Low-income and minority youths will have a particularly hard time finding work. For them, the study says, the job picture may look more like "a Great Depression." Some companies are cutting back or delaying summer hiring, while a tight job market is driving unemployed older workers into traditional teen jobs.

Summer jobs are much more than a way to earn money for the next video game or pair of sneakers. In poor families, they provide a crucial boost in household income. More than that, these jobs provide valuable experience, which leads to better employment records, the study says. Disadvantaged teens who work in the summer are more likely to stay in school. Teen pregnancy rates are lower in urban areas where more young women work.

To find a job, teens need to be resourceful and persistent, and seek the help of adults. Business owners can be especially mindful of the need for summer jobs. Parents and other adults need to act as mentors, helping teens sort through their options and to create job-hunting strategies. 041b061a72

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