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Buy Cheap Timeshare Resales __EXCLUSIVE__

Whether you are trying to sell a Wyndham, Marriott, Hilton, or any other brand of timeshare resale, our site has the tools to help you. Because we market to thousands of potential buyers every month, advertising with us will maximize your exposure.

buy cheap timeshare resales

Get started today by choosing a marketing package specific to your needs, creating your own advertisement, and posting your property on the timeshare resale market for our large audience of potential buyers to see. offers great timeshare deals in some of the most popular destinations around the globe. Relax on the beach in Aruba or enjoy the many family-friendly attractions Orlando has to offer. With, there's a vacation destination for every budget!

Looking for the perfect getaway? Find a resort to fit your every need; Whether you're looking for adventure in Mexico or a ski lodge in Colorado, choose from the top timeshare resorts and create your dream vacation.

Did you know that when you buy timeshare associated with brands like Marriott and Hilton, you can often travel to other resorts and hotels in their networks? Well-known timeshare brands offer some great benefits, even with timeshare resales! Learn more about what these brands can offer you.

Discounted timeshares are on clearance! You can buy a timeshare for cheap right now. Below is a list of some of the cheapest timeshare prices on the market. Get an even better deal and make an offer. You may just find a desperate seller who is willing to take very little for the sale of their timeshare just to avoid a timeshare foreclosure.

These may be cheap timeshare prices but they certainly are not cheap timeshares. The timeshare listings below are located at some of the most luxurious resorts around the world. Buy one now and save thousands on future vacations!

Below is a list of all our current timeshare listings below $2000. To sort the list, click on the column headings. You can view the listings alphabetized by resort name by clicking on the "Resort" column name or click the "Sale Price" column to see the cheapest prices.

We have access to other broker's timeshare listings and well as many private seller listings. Some of the most popular timeshares even have a wait list. If you don't see what you want below, we recommend signing up with our Hot Deal Wait List.

A cheap timeshare lets you take advantage of a great deal for your future vacations. Buy a timeshare today at a low price and enjoy inexpensive vacations at one or more fabulous resorts in exciting destinations like Hawaii, the Caribbean or Mexico.

With timeshare resales, you only pay a small maintenance fee every year after your initial purchase. This makes it easy to budget for yearly vacations and if money is tight one year, you will always know you still have a great vacation to look forward to that year, which is probably when you will need it the most.

With timeshare resales, you get an even bigger bargain on golf vacations, skiing vacations or beach vacations. Most timeshares allow exchanges so you can vary your destinations, hitting the beach one year and taking the grandchildren skiing the next year. Resales are significantly less expensive than buying new; for very little money, you can have the equivalent of a vacation home in an exotic location without any of the hassles.

Many of the featured timeshare listings are for cottages, condominiums or apartments at resorts. They are more spacious than a typical hotel room and offer families the chance to prepare some of their own meals so everyone can keep the schedule that suits him or her best.

While you will be financially responsible for keeping the timeshare property in good shape through annual dues, you will not have to personally handle maintenance or improvements. The timeshare company will do these things.

While many timeshare owners do enjoy their property (like the annual family vacation to Disney), there are many others who have said they were pressured into a purchase by salespeople during the initial tour, and are now trapped in an expensive ongoing obligation. Here are some of the risks of purchasing and owning a timeshare.

In reality, many people do finance the purchase, and the market offers opportunities to pay less than the full price for a resort vacation. You can also quickly look up vacation package costs on any of the main travel booking sites to get an idea of what you would pay for a desired location without purchasing a timeshare as a comparison.

Timeshares do not retain their value, let alone increase in value. If you want to sell your timeshare on the secondary market, you will be competing with people who are practically giving their timeshares away. According to the Association of Vacation Owners, an independent advocacy group for timeshare owners, there are millions of timeshares available on the secondary market.

Another possibility is that the points required to use your timeshare during your preferred dates could change from year to year. For example, the developer may reevaluate point requirements annually to shift demand away from high-vacation periods and increase incentives for low-demand periods.

On the secondary market many of those costs are nonexistent, so if you're thinking of buying a timeshare, you may want to consider a "used" one. Dozens of websites feature properties that owners are trying to exit or that resale companies have purchased to sell for a profit. Some timeshares may sell for 30 percent of what they cost when new; others for as little as $1 (excluding maintenance fees). You can even find a timeshare for sale, such as Disney Vacation Club, at a discount.

Then again, the advantage of buying a timeshare directly from the developer can be significant. For example, your points can be spent at any resort within the brand family. That's not always the case when you buy on the secondary market.

So though deals abound, buying a timeshare for sale on the secondary market can be akin to purchasing a used car through an online ad. You might not know if the car was in a wreck or dredged from the bottom of a lake. "I'm not a mechanic," says Howard Nusbaum, president and chief executive officer of the American Resort Development Association, an industry trade group. "The property might have old liens against it, and I might not know if I'm legally able to buy it." So before you buy on the secondary market, hire a company to do a title search to make sure the title of the timeshare for sale is clean and the seller is actually the owner.

An alternative to buying a used timeshare for your vacations is to rent from an existing owner. We found bargains at various sites. Using Disney's Polynesian as an example, we spotted a seven-night rental in early January advertised on RedWeek for $1,785. Had we booked similar accommodations at the hotel directly through Disney, the total would have been $3,200 with tax.

At Buy a Timeshare, we want to help you save money by buying timeshare on the resale market. Browse thousands of active timeshare resales in our database. If you are looking to sell your timeshare, even better since buyers need to see what you own.

For smart-money consumers who are buying timeshare, the logical way to take this step to timeshare ownership is by purchasing by-owner timeshare resales through a timeshare resale company they trust. By owner resale timeshares offer an affordable way to buy a timeshare.

Timeshare development companies, like Disney and Marriott, must mark up the sale of each timeshare to absorb some very expensive marketing costs. Someone has to pay for all those free vacations, theme park tickets, and restaurant vouchers developers give away. That someone is the consumer who buys timeshare directly from the developer.

Here at, you will see timeshares for sale at resorts from around the world. Owners post their timeshares with the details and incentives that make our offerings some of the most attractive in the industry.

You can even enter the name of a specific resort into the search bar. Click onto the suggested resort page revealed in the dropdown menu, then scroll through the timeshares for sale to find the best timeshare on offer.

We put technology and leading-edge marketing strategies to work, making our website highly visible and targeted to attract interested buyers and motivated sellers, which are the two key ingredients for building a robust and effective timeshare marketplace.

Your Market Analysis reflects the average asking price among the owners from your resort seeking to sell their timeshare here on The analysis is based on specific characteristics such as unit configuration, season, specific week owned or, in the case of points ownership, the category and number of points owned.

We will review current advertised sales prices along with the 5,385 offers processed through for Marriott's Harbour Lake. In addition, we will consider the following details you submitted regarding your ownership:

Marriott provides timeshares through the Marriott Vacation Club Ownership experience. With access to international timeshare ownership options, Marriott Vacation Club Destinations offer beach, desert, and mountain hot spots with unique vacation experiences for timeshare owners.

Marriott is the number one timeshare in the world with the biggest name in the biz. Visit any Marriott timeshare property on a Saturday and you will find leagues of sales reps giving tours for families looking for a Marriott Vacation Club ownership. With over 60 Marriott Vacation Club resorts and 12,000 villas worldwide, Marriott has a stronghold on vacation ownership. As the global leader, Marriott provides destinations in golf, beach, ski, or any lifestyle vacation you desire. The versatility of Marriott is one of their primary benefits.

When you buy a resale timeshare, you acquire points or a fixed week. You are allotted a certain amount of points each year through the rewards program, depending on the initial plan you purchased, but can also buy more points if you wish. 041b061a72

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