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Dobrynya Kirillov
Dobrynya Kirillov

Buy Emma Watch ((FULL))

In The Big Life Hack, Haiyan connected a series of these tiny motors to a wrist strap that she was able to adjust via an app she had also created. The results of the prototyping were incredibly encouraging so the next stage was to reduce the crude prototype into a wearable 'watch' which Haiyan christened the 'Emma' (much to Emma's delight) and then the moment came to switch it on.

buy emma watch

Although the reason behind the effectiveness of the watch is still not fully understood, it has been suggested that a tremor can arise when the body makes an error in movement that it attempts to correct but overcompensates; this results in a feedback loop that the vibrations from the watch are able to interrupt.

The Emma Watch technology introduces a rhythmic vibration effect through small motors around the wrist. Designed with interchangeable wrist straps, the watch as currently envisioned addresses the whole human: it is both practical and stylish. 041b061a72

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