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Updating your gmail profile picture is not going to be the single tactic that magically makes your business thrive. Then again, nothing is. Think of this as a small improvement that can have positive impacts on your brand.

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Insert a plus sign (+) at the end of your username to create a new email address. For example, if your email address is, you can quickly create a new email address like,, etc.

If donating more than four boxes of books,please email Gail Youngblood at or call/ text Gail at 831-277-6477. Gail may wish to meet you at the store on a day that works for you and for her - not necessarily during store hours.

We welcome donations of up to four bags or boxes of books,CDs or DVDs during store hours. If you have a larger donation, please contact Gail: by phone or text at 831-277-6477 or by email at: to make arrangements.

High School and College Students: Helping The Friends of the Marina Library is a fun easy way to earn Community Service Hours. We treasure our student volunteers! Text 831-682-8016 or email to make arrangements. We welcome all kinds of help at our library book sales, at the store, and at events we sponsor at the library.

The emayili package supports configuring a generic SMTP server via the server() function. In the most recent version, v0.6.5, we add three new functions, gmail(), sendgrid() and mailgun(), which provide specific support for Gmail, SendGrid and Mailgun. 041b061a72

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