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Dobrynya Kirillov
Dobrynya Kirillov

Banquet Of Sadism.rar

Although not present when the Skeksis drained their first Gelfling, skekEkt returned to the Castle of the Crystal, where they threw a banquet in their honour. Despite wanting the other Skeksis to talk about them, all they could think of was essence, so skekEkt demanded some, only to learn that there was none left and that skekTek's machine was damaged and unable to produce more.[2]

Banquet of Sadism.rar

Despite having completely contrasting table manners, skekEkt seemed to be close friends with the Gourmand, who made the effort to organize a sumptuous banquet in their honor upon their return to the Castle.[2] The two would occasionally isolate themselves from their comrades and casually exchange recipes with each other.[12] 041b061a72

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