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Buy Spiral Staircase

Our spiral staircase design is an award-winning product and even in the UK, Fontanot stairs have won several of the most prestigious design awards. We value the mix between beauty, stability, security and price when we plan our spiral stairs, and for the UK, we have created bespoke solutions in order to fit the local market.

buy spiral staircase

Established in 1998, we are the leading independent Spiral Staircase and Space Saver Staircase specialists in the UK. Our expert advisors have decades of experience between them, so for trusted and accurate advice on all things spiral staircase related, look no further!

Our modern spiral staircase kit designs will suit many home and business interiors, and whatever your budget you can find a spiral staircase to suit you. All of our spiral staircase kits are available in a choice of colours too, and in most cases you can complete your project with matching balustrade for your stairwell or mezzanine. There is also a choice of materials for the treads, such as beech or oak wood, or metal treads if you prefer. If you need a special spiral for outdoor use we offer a range of those too, in galvanized and powder coated finishes. Our most popular spiral staircase models are the Gamia Deluxe and the Phola Spiral Staircase, as in the UK people tend to prefer wooden handrails over plastic handrails. Both models have beech treads with various stain options, so are well worth a look if you want the best quality at the best price.

Versatile - Space saver staircases have also been used for a variety of other projects, such as garage conversions, mezzanine floors, basement and cellar conversions etc. (Subject to Building Control approval) so they can be very versatile wherever you need to save some space but still get safe access.

Modular stairs are generally more compact than conventional stairs, so you can squeeze them into tight corners and small spaces, a real bonus if you need to access an upper floor where space is tight. Modular stairs are designed to be height adjustable, and have flexible layouts to suit the available space. In straight, L shaped or U shaped formats, you have the option of over 50 different layouts, offering big cost savings on getting special staircases made to measure.

One of the biggest issues our clients face is space - or rather lack of it - to extend their home, office, shop or commercial premises. Spiral stairs and space saver stairs allow you to make the most of your property, their compact size and ease of installation means they can provide solutions for access to upper floors where conventional designs cannot be used. Of course, it doesn't hurt that they are also beautiful to look at! Most people choose wooden spirals for interiors, and we offer an extensive range of these, with a variety of colours and finishes of wood, plus a choice of either beech or oak treads and handrail, in sizes from only 1200mm in diameter. Our website and online store makes shopping with us really easy - you can see the exact price, specification and delivery lead time for each product, as well as a full description and specification. With our extensive ranges from the top factories in Italy, you are sure to find something to suit you.

Our technical team is staffed by industry experts, with an accumulated 50 years plus experience in spiral, space saver and modular staircases. So if you need FREE technical advice, advice on UK building regulations, or advice on our products and services then look no further - we are the acknowledged industry experts on all things spiral! Our Technical Experts can supply free layout diagrams, complete with component lists, so you know exactly what you need to purchase. Just drop us a line via our Contact Us page, we will do the rest!

We don't just cater for interiors, we also supply a great range of spiral stairs for outdoor use too! Using outdoor spaces and connecting them to your home with an exterior spiral staircase is becoming a more and more popular way of making the most of your property. If you need to get from your garden to a balcony, access an exterior door, or provide an exterior means of escape from your property, a spiral staircase can be a cost-effective and compact solution to your problem. Manufactured from high grade steel with either powder-coated or hot dip galvanized finishes, our exterior spiral stairs are designed to enhance your outdoor spaces and last for decades. To see our great range of exterior stairs please Click Here for more info!

Our spiral and space saver staircase kits are straightforward to install by a capable DIY'er, or you may choose to use the services of a local tradesman such as a builder or carpenter. We are on hand to offer technical advice should you need it, but as our spiral staircase and space saver staircase kits come with comprehensive installation instructions (often with a step-by-step video as well) you shouldn't find you have any difficulty with completing your project.

All of our spiral staircase designs and Space Saver Staircase options are made to order in a range of finishes - you are sure to find something you love in our range. Prices and delivery are shown on each web page and these are kept up to date daily - when you order, the price will be fixed so you know the price you see is the price you will pay. Don't forget, most building control departments require you to install child safety riser bars so be sure to add these to your staircase order from the drop down menu.

We advise all clients to consult with Building Control before purchasing any staircase because there are caveats to where you can use a spiral or space saver staircase - don't take chances, always check first!

Spiral Stairs Direct is a trading name owned by Dawes & Company Ltd, reg'd office 13 Coleshill Street, Sutton Coldfield, England, B72 1SD. Company Number 04375944. See our Contact Page for ways to get in touch with us. The business was formed in 1998, designing and manufacturing specialist timber structures and engineered timber solutions for the construction and landscape industries. As the business grew more products were added including timber staircases, footbridges, lakeside jetties, balconies etc. The business was incorporated in 2002, and a decision was taken to concentrate on specialist staircase designs such as spiral stairs, modular stair systems and space saver stairs. Dawes & Co. Ltd became an online business, launching the Spiral Stairs Direct website in 2004 /05, partnering with Rintal a premium Italian manufacturer of staircase kits with whom we maintain a close relationship to this day.

From modern steel and beech combination spiral stair designs to glavanised steel spiral stairs ideal for exterior locations, Loft Centre is a UK supplier with the perfect spiral staircase solution for you.

Our specialty is custom staircase work and our reputation for exquisite fine detail has awarded us the highest recognition as a leader in the design and manufacture of spiral, curved and straight staircases in Michigan. Please check out our Photo Gallery and browse the wide selection of staircase models and inspiring design concepts from our many satisfied customers. Let us help you make the staircase of your dreams a reality!

Our spiral staircase design is an award-winning product and, Fontanot stairs have won several of the most prestigious design awards. We value the mix between beauty, stability, security and price when we plan our spiral stairs, and we have created bespoke solutions in order to fit the local market.

Spiral staircases are an attractive architectural feature. Due to their small footprint they are a practical choice when space is limited, or as an aesthetic preference for creating a striking interior or exterior feature. Both new and used spiral staircases for sale can be found on eBay.

To establish the size of the staircase, first, measure the ceiling opening, then subtract 10 cm. This will give you the correct diameter. Next measure the floor height. This is the finished floor to finished floor level, rather than up to the joist. New spiral staircases are manufactured in set widths, such as 1200 mm or 1400 mm. There is usually some adjustment in pitch and bannisters.

Building regulations will need to be adhered to for any staircase installation. You should check specific designs with your local building control department but a general guide is a minimum sphere of 100 mm and there must be no gaps greater than 99 mm anywhere on the staircase. The minimum width is 660 mm (26 inches), with each tread a minimum distance of 190 mm (7.5 inches) at 12 inches from the narrow edge.

A designer alternative are helical stairs. The main difference being that a spiral staircase has a central vertical spine, whereas helical, or curved, staircases do not and can follow any shape or direction desired.

For the most part, a spiral staircase is an easy, attractive alternative to access a floor level in your home while utilizing minimal space. But, spiral stairs do have a few minimal disadvantages. We feel it is our responsibility as a Senior Stair Manufacturer in the United States to make you aware of any potential issues you may (OR MAY NOT) encounter with the addition of a spiral stair in your home or project;

While none of the above (potential) disadvantages of a spiral stair are monumental, it is only fair to make people aware that they could encounter none , some, or all of the above while determining if a Spiral Staircase System is right for them.

Typically, spiral staircases are constructed using all wood, all metal, or made with a combination of these materials. Additionally, spiral staircases can incorporate glass or decorative iron or both. Check out our spiral stair gallery for a wide variety of examples of spiral staircases we have made at Great Lakes Stair.

The cost for a spiral staircase, like any other staircase is relative to the overall design and materials used in the construction as well as installation considerations. You can design and build a cost-effective spiral staircase, or a luxury model. At Great Lakes Stair we will work closely with you and discuss your needs and evaluate your space and propose a spiral staircase solution that works for your home and your budget. 041b061a72

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