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Dobrynya Kirillov
Dobrynya Kirillov

[S1E11] The Silent Strong Type !NEW!

Just because you prefer speed doesn't mean you're not any better than somebody who prefers to have power in a truck, you know, you just... if that's your preference to what you prefer. But if you prefer speed, you're going to lack power in the car that you drive. If you prefer power, you're going to lack speed. You know this, driving your truck, I mean, you drive a pretty nice truck that goes pretty fast. But when you like accelerate, there's a little bit of a lug, that you're not going to get in a Porsche, you know. So I think it's ...maturity is just realizing that's your preference. And life is just realizing you're not going to have everything. If you're the quiet type, who has that quiet type strength, you're not going to be that loud, extroverted person who gets the party going. But you know what, that's not my preference. And there's nothing wrong with the person who's probably more upfront leadership, strong, outgoing, who probably behind the scenes, doesn't know how to act, doesn't know how to be introverted. But then there's nothing wrong with that. It's just a preference. It's just a personality. It's just who that person is,

[S1E11] The Silent Strong Type


53. "Jess and Julia" (s1e11): Jess may wear polka dots and Julia (Lizzie Caplan) may wear un-ribboned pantsuits, but they're both still smart, tough, and strong, and this episode was a perfectly necessary feminist celebration for the show that made "adorkable" a thing. 041b061a72

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