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Left 4 Head Vs The Alien Super Fiend Pt 2 Of 2

Seeing that the demons that destroyed the World have been left in peace, Ryu prepares a peace offering to the fiends, sending a messenger to their lord, the Archfiend Genshin who offers to give the True Dragon Sword in exchange for the Mystic Eye. Ryu submits that the demons must not know that he gave the Eye to a fiend, as his family would not forgive him. Genshin accepts Ryu's terms and the two part ways amicably. Genshin sends his rohan to Ryu, and on that rohan is the new True Dragon Sword, ending his journey with the True Dragon Sword, a journey done in peace for the demons.

left 4 head vs the alien super fiend pt 2 of 2

However, the people of Ryuuzaki Village are no happier, their missing lord after disappearing at the very beginning of events has been nowhere to be seen. If anything, the people's worries have been multiplied, as a series of events have occurred that point to the fiends gaining the ability to 'possess' humans, as the recently released Kamado Yakko, a Super Ninja from another universe, is killed by a possessed Takatora Otsubo. With Takatora killed in battle, he soon reveals to Ryu and Sonia that his cause was for them to be sent to another universe where Genshin would kill the Demon King and pass on the power of the Mirror Eye to Ryu, giving him the ability to create worlds, and finally allow him to battle the fiends and end their quest. With the Mirror Eye Ryu is only one step away from having the power to create worlds, however the real world Sonia refuses and threatens to take the Eye to Genshin. Takatora reveals that the Mirror Eye is a poison that can kill a person instantly. With this information, Ryu is now in the face of a fiend that poses a lethal threat to him and his friends. Finally, Ryu is given a peace offering from the Fiends, a super powered machine to summon an army of fiends, however these super powered fiends had an agenda of their own, as they await the coming of the Demon King to enslave humankind. Only the True Dragon Sword can destroy the machine and prevent the fiends from unleashing the destruction of all the people of the Earth.

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