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Luntrea Lui Caron Lucian Blaga Pdf Download

Luntrea lui Caron Lucian Blaga PDF Download

Luntrea lui Caron (The Boat of Charon) is a novel by the Romanian philosopher, poet, and playwright Lucian Blaga. It was published posthumously in 1990, almost three decades after the author's death, and it is considered one of his most important works of prose. The novel has autobiographical elements and depicts the life and struggles of a young intellectual, Axente Creangă, in the turbulent context of the interwar period in Romania.

The novel is divided into four parts, each corresponding to a season of the year and a stage in the protagonist's life. The first part, Winter, introduces Axente as a student in Cluj, where he meets and falls in love with Octavia, a beautiful and mysterious woman who is married to a wealthy banker. The second part, Spring, follows Axente's involvement in the political and cultural movements of the time, such as the Transylvanian School and the Legionary Movement. He also meets Ans, a young and innocent girl who becomes his second love interest. The third part, Summer, depicts Axente's journey to Paris, where he hopes to find inspiration and recognition for his literary work. He encounters various influential figures of the European avant-garde, such as André Breton, Tristan Tzara, and Salvador Dali. He also faces the temptation of Octavia, who follows him to France. The fourth part, Autumn, shows Axente's return to Romania, where he witnesses the outbreak of World War II and the rise of fascism. He is arrested and tortured by the Iron Guard, a radical nationalist and anti-Semitic organization that he once supported. He is eventually released by his friend Ioanid, who is a member of the underground resistance movement. The novel ends with Axente's death in a hospital bed, surrounded by his loved ones.


Luntrea lui Caron is a complex and rich novel that explores themes such as identity, love, history, politics, art, religion, and death. It is also a testimony of Blaga's own life and vision, as he was one of the most prominent figures of the Romanian culture in the interwar period. He was a philosopher and writer highly acclaimed for his originality, a university professor and a diplomat. He also faced censorship and persecution from the communist regime after 1948.

If you are interested in reading this novel, you can download it for free from [this link]. You can also find more information about Lucian Blaga and his works from [this website].

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