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[S2E2] The Mother Of All Battles _HOT_

The writers began by asking questions about Picard's role in the first season, such as "Why is he on a vineyard by himself with a dog? Why did he never marry Beverly Crusher and have a family?"[38] This led to them deconstructing Picard in different ways from the first season, putting an emphasis on his past relationships, romance, and "the puzzle-pieces of his past that are stopping him from embracing his future".[25] After joining the writers room, Matalas suggested that the second season feature the Star Trek: The Next Generation character Q because he is "one of [Picard's] first relationships",[39] and because Matalas felt Q was "the figure you introduce when your heroes need to face their truest selves".[25] He did caution that they wanted to tell a dramatic story with Q rather than just "the same Loki-esque shenanigans" as his previous appearances.[38] Matalas, who is known for the time travel-based series 12 Monkeys, also suggested the time travel-focused plot for the season which was inspired by the film Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986).[40] He stated that "all good time-travel tales are emotional at their core, and speak to something that's happening with your main character",[41] and the season explores Picard's trauma from his mother's death by suicide when Picard was a child. Stewart brought his own experience of childhood domestic violence and subsequent trauma into that storyline.[42] Matalas praised Goldsman for developing the ideas for the season into a "really fascinating and heartbreaking psychological exploration of Picard".[41]

[S2E2] The Mother of All Battles

With the season delving further into Picard's family, his mother Yvette appears several times via flashbacks. The character was portrayed as an old woman by Herta Ware in the Next Generation episode "Where No One Has Gone Before", but a younger version is portrayed by Madeline Wise in this season,[60] in which she is shown to have struggled with mental health issues and died by suicide when Picard was a child. Picard explains that he has been suppressing this memory all of his life and Ware's older version of the character was a vision that he had imagined of his mother getting to live a long life.[2] James Callis, who had a recurring role in 12 Monkeys, appears as Picard's father Maurice (who was portrayed by Clive Church in The Next Generation).[13] A new member of the family, Renée Picard, plays a key role in the season's 2024 events, portrayed by Penelope Mitchell.[4]

In Iceland, the children of the village are practicing to use a swords, shield, and spears. As the children pretend to go to battle, Thorfinn and Faxi pretend to be dead corpses on the battlefield. Thorfinn complains about the other kids moving the battle away from them and that he always gets 'killed' fast whenever they play. Faxi tells him that dead bodies don't talk, Thorfinn counters that he always dies first. Faxi says that in Valhalla he could eat meat every day, but Thorfinn says only powerful warriors are allowed to enter Valhalla, which makes him wonder if his mother and sister can come too. Leif Ericson approaches Thorfinn and tells him if he dies in the snow, he'll get sick, while laughing at him.

Audience members are first introduced to the Deathless Mother in Season 2 Episode 2 titled, "Kaer Morhen." She appears as a cloaked figure in the dreams of Yennefer, Fringilla, and Francesca, leading them to a hut in the forest with no doors. To see the Deathless Mother of your own will, you must also utter a frightening incantation: "Behold the mother of forests, the Deathless Mother, nesting in dreams. Turn your back to the forest, hut, hut. Turn your front to me, hut, hut."

Jocelyn apologizes for the lies she has told over the years. 'Murmurs' by Sierra Deaton makes us feel even more emotional as the mother and daughter discuss Jonathan and his absence from their lives.

While promenading with her, he also spins tales of his bravery in battle. Later, Alison runs into Fraser in a meadow; they are both collecting flowers. (Fraser says his are for Colonel Lennox; perhaps they are the flowers later sent to Charlotte along with an invitation to accompany the Colonel to the fair.) Caught in a downpour, they flee to shelter and Alison rhapsodizes about Carter. When Fraser returns to camp, he tells Carter that Alison deserves better than lies about battles he was too young to have fought in.

In Mother of All, Mother of None, Raelle is once again drawn to the Mycelium. Once approached, she takes the shape of a hand and face belonging to Raelle's mother, Willa Collar. Willa brings Raelle into a vision where she reveals how the Mycelium came to be. The Mycelium is discovered to be made out of the bodies and souls of the dead witches who were the first coven of Sarah Alder, after their death at the hand of the The Camarilla while Alder was busy pushing back enemy forces. They became the Mycelium after Sarah sang in mourning - their bodies sinking into the earth and becoming the Mycelium. According to Willa, she is where all witches go when they die (at least the "strong" part of them, such as Willa's love for her daughter). Sarah built Fort Salem on the ground the witches died on as a way of always remembering her fallen coven.

The witch who is connected to the Mycelium can summon vast amount of spores, destroy inorganic matter, and transmute living matter into fungi like the Mycelium herself. The Mycelium also amplifies the witch abilities of her host; she improved Raelle's fixing work and protected her from the injurious side effects of the Christo-pagan workings. Because the Mycelium is made from the bodies and souls of dead witches, a more thorough colonization by Mycelium will layer thousands of witch voices upon the host's own voice - further enhancing the witch's abilities and granting the host the ability to effortless use mothertongue.

In a sept that pre-dates the doomed Great Sept of Baelor, Alicent prays, and asks Rhaenyra to join her. It's not stated explicitly, but the figure they're praying to (more work for the King's Landing artisans!) seems to represent The Mother, one of the Seven Gods of Westeros. (I base this on the fact that they spend this scene talking a lot about their dead mothers, and the fact that the figure before them is posed as if it's saying, "No, honey, don't feel like you have call to check on me, I'm fine, I mean I just gave birth to you.")

Rose Wilson was born to Slade Wilson and Mei on February 14, 2002 after a one-night stand in Kansas City. Slade was married to his wife Adeline at the time so he chose not to be a part of his daughters life. However, he made sure she was well cared for, paying for her house, bills, and even her mother's and stepfather Gary's membership at a country club. As she grew older, Rose realised she had accelerated healing, which prevented her from being hurt.

After confronting her mother about her birth father's identity, she soon tracked him down. Although initially dismissive of his daughter, Slade had a change of heart and invited Rose to live with him. He gifted her a suit similar to his own Deathstroke uniform and trained her in combat. He eventually told her about her half-brother Jericho and how he was preparing her to help him take down the people he saw as responsible for his death the Titans. He tasked her with going undercover and infiltrate the group under the pretense that he was hunting her, even making Rose sacrifice her left eye for the charade.[1]

Rose is more of a loner, wanting to fight battles on her own a lot, even refusing a helping hand from Dick Grayson when he pulled her off the street. Even when she took the phone that was given to her, she took it just to get Dick off her back.[2] However, Rose does have moments where she is friendlier to them, such as when she meets and immediately bonds with Rachel. Rose repeatedly demonstrates that she has a very sarcastic sense of humor, often discussing her past in a very sardonic and humorous way.

When Howard meets Raq, he tells her that he saw Scrappy (Ade Chike Torbert) at the precinct talking to cops. This much is true. Scrappy and his mother get arrested in season 2 episode 1 for running an Illegal gambling den. The detective interrogating them, Peng, seems to refer to Scrappy as a CI. At the park, Howard tells Raq that he is only revealing this to Raq to ensure the safety of their son. Raq later speaks to her brothers. Neither can believe that Scrappy, of all their affiliates, is a CI for police.

Eto is a short woman in her mid-twenties with a sleepy or curious expression. Her long green hair is usually messy or on top of her head in a bun, complementing her modest or sloppy fashion. Though she is typically unkempt, she is noted to be an incredible beauty with many admirers and greatly resembles her mother, Ukina, this resemblance deepens when she later cuts her hair into a short bob.

Eto has a sadistic personality, often expressing joy at the expense of others' suffering. She has no qualms about remorselessly slaughtering humans and ghouls alike, and shows happiness when inflicting pain on others. Like her mother, Eto has a very sharp intuition about the feelings and desires of people, which she exploits to the fullest when dealing with her victims and manipulating others to do her bidding. Her twisted personality is possibly the result of fighting to stay alive during her early years in the 24th ward.

Eto was born to Ukina and Yoshimura as a hybrid being. Because her mother had secretly been investigating the organization V, they forced Yoshimura to kill his lover as punishment for "betraying" them. In order to protect his infant daughter, Yoshimura entrusted her to the care of a ghoul known as Noroi in the 24th ward with her mother's diary. It is unknown what took place in the following decade or so, but she would emerge from the 24th ward as a kakuja and begin a bloody rampage. 041b061a72

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